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(2017/Family Vineyard) 25 Tracks - 14 on LP, 11 on enclosed CD! Includes download code for vinyl tracks! Printed colored inner sleeve with photos and notes! In the years 1978 to 1981, Robert Crotty would show up on Loren Connors´ doorstep in New Haven, Connecticut with his tiny, almost toy guitar. The two would then spend hours playing acoustic blues, the likes of which was absolutely staggering in its truthfulness. ´´Robert Crotty with Me: Loren´s Collection (1979 - 1987)´´ is the first anthology of the late bluesman´s work, as selected by Connors, his former playing partner and avant blues master. These are the unheard tapes of Crotty and Connors communing with the spirits of Delta and County Blues through their own revisions of standards and tingle-inducing improvisations. These also some of the Connors´ earliest available recordings showing the development of his iconoclast guitar style and vocal moan. Crotty was a New Haven lifer and linchpin of the region´s blues scene yet, he never achieved much recognition outside local bars and house parties - until now!

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