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Testing of a Doll Toy: Kinky Press Bimbo Dolls,...
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Sarah´s husband doesn´t give her what she needs. Getting bent over the kitchen counter and having your skirt pulled up and you panties down after a long day of work isn´t enough. A quickie with a two-pump chump isn´t going to satisfy any woman. Her boss catches her in the act of pleasuring herself in her office and suggests a new treatment for getting rid of some pent up energies - but not before he relieves her of her stress. She is taken to a remote location where her body is remodeled into the perfect representation of herself. Her skin turns silky smooth and slightly...rubbery? When the process is complete, she barely recognizes herself, and neither does her waiting husband! But he´s happy to take his new plaything for a test run. PSA: This story contains a sexually frustrated female and an inappropriate boss. There will be gratification and mindless submission to a man with complete mastery - in any slot these men wish to be masters of. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ruby Rivers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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