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With her best-selling I AM America Maps, Lori Toye has led and inspired thousands to understand the ongoing ´´Time of Change´´ - a period in Earth´s history of tumultuous change in society, culture, and politics in tandem with individual and collective spiritual awakenings and transformations. These events occur simultaneously with the possibilities of massive global warming, climatic changes, and worldwide seismic and volcanic activity - Earth Changes. The Ever Present Now, is a compilation of insights notes, and articles that contain simple reasoning, current anecdotes, in-depth research, and esoteric spiritual teachings. Predictions are for doomsayers, but the nuanced perspective of Prophecy, is carefully explained by well-known mystic and founder of I AM America - Lori Toye - through Prophecy´s inherent gift of hidden metaphor and its power to guide and change people in unpredictable times. The Ever Present Now is a new way of enlightened thinking and understanding - a valuable skill-set for the current times. Learn how collective consciousness can morph and reshape drastic Earth Changes through the Seven Rays of Light and Sound and the Ascended Masters´ network of Golden City Vortices. Familiarize yourself with the Fourth Dimension and the evolution of Unity Consciousness and personal transcendence - the Ascension Process. The Time of Change is now! 1. Language: English. Narrator: June Wayne, Michael Bellamy. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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