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My Alcoholic Plush Toy (My Plush Toy Trilogy, #...
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Sex, serendipity, and a city whose fate rests with two high-functioning alcoholics… Whenever Rachel Bennett gets drunk, unbelievable things seem to happen. One night, the awkward exchange student manages to seduce the hottest guy in the room. The next day, she´s told she is capable of destroying half a continent… by her new plush toy, no less. As if she didn´t have enough to deal with. Discovering she´s one of a hundred randomly selected people around the world with special abilities, Rachel and her stuffed companion must quickly learn to harness them before a terrible danger threatens to obliterate Tokyo city. But can she keep on top of such a dangerous secret as well as everything else in her life? I mean, come on - she´s got a goddamn test on Friday. What readers are saying... ´´My family think I´m crazy because I´m laughing so much.´´ - Susan Stradiotto (Author of The Caeteran Tales series) ´´It´s one of those can´t-put-down kind of books. Gotta find out what happens next…´´ - My mum (The person who birthed me and is probably now wondering what she did to screw me up this bad)

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