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´Corset Harness´
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Aufregend luxuriös gearbeitetes Strap-On-Geschirr für Sie mit verstärkten Doppelbändern und sinnlichem Spitzenschnürbändchen. Das besonders weiche Material sorgt für einen hohen Tragekomfort, der durch die flexibel verstellbaren Riemen perfekt abgerundet wird. Dank der beiden strapazierfähigen Metallringe in unterschiedlichen Größen kann der einzusetzende Dildo je nach Belieben frei gewählt werden. Die Marke ScandalSinnlicher Lustschmerz in Kombination mit stilvollem Auftreten dafür steht die Marke Scandal aus dem Hause California Exotic Novelties. Die erotisierenden Toys kommen in edlem Design mit wertigem Stoffüberzug daher. Egal ob Du auf der Suche nach erotischen Bondage-Sets bist oder Lust auf effektvolle Gerten hast Entice liefert Dir das passende Toy zu Deiner Vorstellung.

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The Hoover Dam: The History and Construction of...
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This morning I came, I saw, and I was conquered, as everyone would be who sees for the first time this great feat of mankind.... Ten years ago the place where we gathered was an unpeopled, forbidding desert. In the bottom of the gloomy canyon whose precipitous walls rose to height of more than a thousand feet, flowed a turbulent, dangerous river.... The site of Boulder City was a cactus-covered waste. And the transformation wrought here in these years is a twentieth century marvel.” (President Franklin D. Roosevelt, September 30, 1935) During the 1930s, at the height of the Great Depression, thousands of workers began work on the Hoover Dam, built in the Black Canyon, which had been cut by the powerful Colorado River. The Colorado River was responsible for the Grand Canyon, and by the 20th century, the idea of damming the river and creating an artificial lake was being explored for all of its potential, including hydroelectric power and irrigation. By the time the project was proposed in the 1920s, the contractors vowing to build it were facing the challenge of building the largest dam the world had ever known. As if that wasn’t enough, the landscape was completely unforgiving, as described by the famous explorer John Wesley Powell generations earlier: ´´The landscape everywhere, away from the river, is of rock - cliffs of rock, tables of rock, plateaus of rock, terraces of rock, crags of rock - ten thousand strangely carved forms...cathedral shaped buttes, towering hundreds or thousands of feet, cliffs that cannot be scaled, and canyon walls that shrink the river into insignificance, with vast hollow domes and tall pinnacles and shafts set on the verge overhead; and all highly colored.” UNKNOWN N N ©2012- Charles River Editors;(P)2015 Charles River Editors Boys and Toys (Unabridged) 16.95 AVAILABLE Boys and Toys (Unabridged) Boys and Toys (Unabridged) Cara Lockwood Sex toy party hostess Liv Tanaka has a collection. Vibrating purple rabbits, cherry-flavored edible underwear, flavored oils.... Allegra Cole Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd. 2015-04-21 07:00:00 220 B00W7XLK8O English - Romance English 2015-04-14 05:00:00 1.00 9.95 N Every girl has a goody drawer.... Sex toy party hostess Liv Tanaka has a collection. Vibrating purple rabbits, cherry-flavored edible underwear, flavored oils... Hey, wearing a leather corset and stilettos (while selling dildos) pays the bills. Just don´t tell her very conservative parents. Because if they discovered Liv´s sex-toy-selling Asian Elvira´´ alter ego, her parents would disown her. So far, Liv´s doing a bang-up job of keeping her two worlds separate... until Porter Benjamin shows up at her party. Tall and too-tasty-to-resist Porter, who works for her father. Porter, who wants Liv to host a party just for him. And oh, she´s tempted. But getting involved with Porter means mixing those two worlds that Liv desperately needs to keep separate. And now Liv´s Naughty Toybox is starting to look a lot like Pandora´s box.... 1. Language: English. Narrator: Jack Nolan. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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