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Toy Dogs and Their Ancestors: Including the His...
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Toy Dogs and Their Ancestors: Including the History and Management of Toy Spaniels, Pekingese, Japanese and Pomeranians: Lady Wentworth

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Edition Peters Cage John - Works For Piano, Pre...
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Instrumentation : Pf.Prep Pf.ToyPfThe pieces in this volume are newly engraved and each is edited by acclaimed Cage pianist Margaret Leng Tan. Content : Totem Ancestor; The Seasons; Suite for Toy Piano; Waiting. The following pieces are published for the first time: Three Easy Pieces; Jazz Study; Ad Lib; Triple Paced (First Version); Triple Paced (Second Version); Soliloquy

Stand: 29.04.2019
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Keeper of Secrets , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 197min
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Susan, a bereaved daughter, stumbles upon her grandmother´s journals. Stories hidden from the family of adventures, spies, a mysterious discarded toy, lost loves and revenge flash before her eyes sparking a desire to escape her ordinary life. In a dusty attic, Susan holds her sadness in check as she attempts to organize her mother´s stored memories. Boxes of journals written by her grandmother reveal a hidden secret life lived out during the modern world´s most dangerous conflict. Time slows down as the young woman relives her ancestor´s exciting life. The quiet dismissive old lady that she knew does not fit with the vibrant idealistic young woman she reads about in these journals. The identity of the mysterious Keeper of Secrets is ultimately revealed and this revelation leads Susan to a decision - she is going to escape from her ordinary life and live a secret life of her own. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Terry R. Barca. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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spielbox 2010 Heft 3 (engl.)
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Contents of the current issue: Current Second Serving: Let´s Party! International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2010 Rescued. But Saved? German Games Archive (now) in Nuremberg To Be Continued Dominion: Seaside Regulars Watch Out! Spider! Oldie: Fliegen-Falle Spielbox Edition Spook by Spook A game by Matthias Prinz A Look Back In Use Since Time Immemorial: Mathematics games Feature About Mafiosi and Werewolves: Success story of a group game Report Becoming Rich While Playing: Cashflow Portrait Cosy Games? No Chance! Splotter Spellen Review The icons link to the rules of the games in the respective language, if available on publisher´s or designer´s homepage. If there´s more than one icon, the rules come in several parts or versions. If we missed a link, please, send us a mail. Anti-Agriculture-Activists: Jäger und Sammler Financial Minimalism Rules: Die Speicherstadt Expansion inclusive: Fresko As Journeyman in Mesopotamia: Assyria Pinats for Positions: Machtspiele No Room for Mistakes: Funkenschlag - Fabrikmanager Lost in Transportation: San Francisco Cable Car You Choose: Little or Late: Macao Frederick´s First and Sivél´s Second Coup: Maria A Gallery of Stone Ancestors: Giants The Game of Games: The BoardGameGeek Game For Kids Schollenhüpfen Schatz-Alarm Hexenduell Diego Drachenzahn Kraken-Alarm At A Glance Klimapoker R-Öko Welt der Türme African Park Galaktico Tweaks and Variations Steel Driver: Early finale Cable Car: Share trading with prices on the rise

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